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               to our guide to choosing a pair of jeans. This is objective advice based on our own experience and that of our customers (thanks to everyone who gets in touch to provide us with this feedback).
If you’re not sure of what fit or wash to go for, or if you’re buying for someone else and need some ideas, then read on…
The Lanky Jeans Co. guide to choosing the right jeans for you

We choose our stock based on our first-hand knowledge and experience of the best fits for a tall and slim frame. Listed below is our guide if you're not sure which jeans might be best for you, or for the person you're buying for.

The two key factors are the fit and the colour (often referred to as the “wash”, because jeans are coloured by rinsing them in a vat of dye. The overall quality of any pair of jeans is also determined by the quality of the dye. Don't worry abut this – we only stock premium brands who use the best dyes).


FIT: The overall shape of the jeans. The best fit depends on a number of factors, which we look at below. Common types are “Slim”, “Straight”, etc.

WASH: The colour of the jeans.

RISE: Where the jeans sit on your waist. Common types are '”regular” and “low” rise (for example, a “Low Straight” or “Regular Straight”, which denotes both the rise and the fit.

We've used two different categories to help you choose: Age and Occasion.

Choosing by Age

Age groups are a good starting point. The age of the wearer forms the basis of the majority of customer requests for advice that we receive.

Younger men (teenagers to mid-twenties)

FIT: Tall and slim men need jeans that fit. Well, that seems an obvious place to start, but it's arguably more important when we're young, when our peer group all seem to be able to find great clothes that look good.

For the younger man, slim fitting jeans are popular.

We recommend: Lee “Daren”; Lee “Powell”; Lee “Luke”; Wrangler “Arizona Stretch”;                          and Wrangler “Spencer”

The Daren and Powell are identical except that the Powell sits lower on the waist. Low rise jeans tend to be more popular with younger wearers. That said, the Daren “Epic Blue” was our bestseller overall in 2013.

The Luke has a tapered leg (it draws in slightly towards the ankle) which, together with the already slim fit, gives a very contemporary shape.

Lee's slim fitting options tend to be very fitted – you certainly know when you've got them on!

The Spencer fit is hard to track down, but they’re quite similar to Lee’s slim fits. Definitely aimed at the more contemporary market

The Arizona Stretch are still nicely fitted but with a bit more breathing space. The “Stretch” refers to the elastane content. The end result is a pair of jeans that can feel slightly clingy the first time you put them on if you're used to 100% cotton denim. Once you've tried them, though, we think you'll love them. They really do fit your shape – perfect for lanky legs.

WASH: Lighter colours are in, and this looks set to continue into 2014. “Breaker” and “Epic Blue” are popular. “Hot Ash” is a great alternative in the Powell fit. In the Arizona, “Worn Broke” and “Burnt Blue” offer a variation on the more traditional, solid washes.

Mid-twenties and over

There really isn't any particular type of jean that we recommend for this catch-all age group. It really is down to personal taste. Good choices can come down to seemingly obscure factors such as musical taste (Rock music = Black, obviously!), so it might help to break it down by our next category:

Choosing by Occasion

By “Occasion” we mean whatever you're using the jeans for. Are they an everyday pair, or would you like something a bit more presentable for those “smart-casual” events?

FIT: Everyday jeans can be any fit that we offer. If you're buying for someone else, please do get in touch if you have any questions, but you can shop safe in the knowledge that we stock the best fits for tall and slim men. From “slim” to “comfort” fit, when you buy premium brands you're buying into years of know-how and craftsmanship. Even the “loosest” fit we offer (probably the “Brooklyn Comfort” from Lee) will still look good on a slim frame. This is the Lanky Jeans Co. difference – how we distinguish ourselves from other stores who might not prioritise how you look and feel.

For smarter occasions, a slimmer fitting or straight jean is recommended. Pair them with a nicely cut, slim fitting  long sleeved-shirt (always tucked in!) or a good t-shirt (always hanging out!), and you're half way there.

Cords and coloured jeans offer a great, smart alternative.

WASH:  Any “Stonewash” variety – giving that classic traditional jeans look - should be reserved for your everyday options. For a smarter option, go for a solid, dark blue. Black is flexible, and both coloured denim and cords are great for any number of occasions, but remember: darker = smarter. Try “Dark Teak” in the Arizona Stretch coloured denim range for a great alternative to blue.

Looking for something a bit different? “Silver” and “Hudson” are premium brands both made in North America (Lee and Wrangler are manufactured in Turkey – no sweatshops here, thank you very much – and Mish Mash are hand finished in Yorkshire).

Seriously high quality, Silver are unique. A little more embellished than your normal jeans without going too far, go for a pair of Silver brand jeans if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Hudson are a premium brand from the USA. They normally retail at around £169 but we want to make them more accessible to all of our customers. We're the exclusive UK and EU supplier of extra long men's jeans for both Silver and Hudson.

MISH MASH have been hugely popular. We stock them because we need 38” leg option, and they’re the best we can find. It’s that simple.

Good luck with your search. This Guide is by no means intended to be exhaustive, but we hope it has been helpful.

Please get in touch with any queries you might have.
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